welcome 2015

our list already contains almost 70 tools and is still growing (let us know if we miss something) and our facebook-group has more than 230 members. this is very cool!!

we also have collected 2 new announcements of coming up releases in the first few months of 2015. we’re really looking forward… please post your experience with those tools in the list for others.

cheers.ivo – videopong.net

new list online

our new list of tools is now online. let us know tools you miss on that list

november update

there was an article on our project on visual-society.com: http://visual-society.com/2013/linux-4-vjs and yes we’re planning to bring our very raw list into shape and add tutorials or at least link to such.

we encourage also to get in contact with your local linux user group.

if you know linux tools that could be useful for vjs and we do not have on our list, get in contact with us. also if you ‘re developer of one on our list. or if you have tutorials or just want to help us organize and bring this project further. please join the facebookgroup.

Hello world!

this is the start of the linux4vjs project. currently we just have the raw list of tools online here. if you know some more, please let us know. if you want to join us or have tutorials please get in contact here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/639144576103338/